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The UK Moving House is one of the premier information resources for finding your own local UK Moving House Company in the UK. Moving House London

How to Make a Background Check on the House Removals Company

People hire a removals company to make their moves more convenient and less stressful. However, this will only come to fruition if you hire the right removals company. For one you need to be sure that you can trust the removals company with your things. After all, not only are your things valuable. They are also a part of who you are.

Because of this, recommendations from family and friends are quite valuable. With their personal experience with a particular removal company during their own house removals, you can rest assured that you will be able to get the same service. People who care for you would not recommend untrustworthy companies, after all. If you have a real estate agent, they would also know a couple of reliable house removals  companies since they would deal most probably deal with these companies in their line of work too.

Nevertheless, if you can’t get such personal recommendations the Internet will be able to provide you with some information. Just make sure that you can filter reliable information from unreliable information. You will find most removals companies online. But to choose the good ones, you would need to find out what others have to say about them through forums and reviews.

You would need to know how long the company has been in business. Removals companies that have been in the industry long are more or less legitimate. Of course, the longer they have been in business the more experience they would have. They would, in turn, be more efficient in helping you with your house removals.

You should also check whether complaints have been issued against the man and van removals company. You can contact the local association of removals companies in your area. You can also check this online.

To ensure that the removals company you will hire will be able to help you with your house removals more efficiently, you should make sure that they do the kind of removals you plan t have. For instance, if you have big furniture you should at least make sure that they are good at moving such items. If they need to disassemble and reassemble the furniture, they should be capable of doing it without damaging your furniture. If you have heavy items like a piano and you are moving it from the third floor, they should know the right techniques and they need the right equipment as well.

Insurance is imperative too so you should check how much coverage the removals company offers. If you have expensive furniture and items, you would need to get more insurance coverage to protect yourself just in case accidents happen.

Of course, you should compare quotes before you hire any company. While you are looking to save money, you should also be willing to spend a bit more just to get the best service.

The First Ten Things to Purchase When You Just Moved to a New House

Moving to a new house means a new chapter in one’s life. It may mean independence from living with your parents. For others, moving to a new house may mean leaving the apartment renting phase for good. Whilst for others, leaving to a new house means simply that—leaving an old house in order to move to a new one. So when you have just done a house move, you should purchase new things that may be important or just for celebratory purposes. Since you have just moved to a new house, it is only ceremonial and fitting that you buy new things.

Here are the first ten things categorised that you should purchase when you just moved to a new house:

1. Appliances are the first things you should buy when you just moved to a new house. Of course you have to purchase a television set, which is present in most homes these days. If you can afford it, purchase a 40 inch flat screen LCD TV. Living in a new home with a television like that is such a good experience. Of course, you will also have to buy a refrigerator. This home appliance is really a basic necessity because this is where you store your wet goods and other consumable supplies. You may also have to buy a washing machine and a dryer for your laundry. You may also buy a stove and a microwave oven for your cooking needs.  There may be other appliances that you might want to buy when you just did a house move.

2. You need to buy things to cover your windows. So this means you have to buy curtains, drapes, or venetian blinds. You do not want people from the outside see you inside your new house.

3. Since you just got to move to a new house, it may be necessary to buy new locks and keys for security reasons. Even if the new house is newly constructed, the contractors who did it may have duplicates of your house keys. And if someone else owned it in the past, then he or she may still have a duplicate of the house keys. So for your own safety, get new keys and locks for your new house.

4. You might want to buy a new bed for you to sleep in. You do not want to sleep on the floor in your new house.

5. Along with the new bed, you might want to buy new bed linens, pillows, and blankets.

6. You might want to get a set of kitchen utensils. Of course, the days of eating outside is already limited and may possibly be over. And a home without kitchen utensils cannot really be considered a home.

7. You may also want to get tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and pliers for basic home repairs in the future. Having them as early as possible may come handy.

8. Since this is a new home, it needs a new dining table and chairs. This may be costly but every home needs one.

9. You also have to purchase a living room set for your new house. A sofa with a couple of other comfortable chairs may do the trick.

10. For your new home, you may want to buy a new painting to hang on the wall. This painting may not be an expensive one but something to decorate a wall in your new house. This will serve as the first décor of your new home.

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